Sinclair Community College Workforce Development

In today's knowledge-based, global economy, lifelong learning is a must!  Whether adding to your individual professional and technical skills, or developing your workforce to enhance your organization’s overall performance and efficiencies, Sinclair’s Workforce Development is here to help.  Workforce Development offers a wide array of innovative, high-value, customer-focused programs and services to help you advance your skills and grow your organization. 

Certification Training

Certifications are a globally accepted means of establishing your credentials and skill level.  We are pleased to offer a wide variety of facilitated and online class options to help you prepare for numerous national certification exams.

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Financial Management

Whether you work for a for-profit company, a non-profit organization, or yourself, ensure you understand the valuable information and resources available to you within your financials and are able to use this vital information to improve your organizational success.

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Leadership Development

Today, change is expected to be driven at every level which has pushed the concept of “leadership” down into the organization.  To adapt and survive in a rapidly changing marketplace, today’s manager must be able to communicate a vision and guide their employees towards the goal.  “Leader” no longer denotes a level, but instead describes just one of the functions of a manager.

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Process Management

Process Management is a systematic approach to making your workflow more effective, more efficient, and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.  It enables individuals to streamline activities and eliminate hidden time and resource wasters.

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Project Management

The importance of sound project management continues to become more and more significant with today’s highly competitive global market. Project Management occurs in all disciplines, even though it may be called many different names. Whether you are developing a new product, launching a new service or executing an event, you are managing a project.

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