The Minority Business Partnership (MBP) focuses on select minority businesses and buying organizations who want to intentionally partner to grow each others’ businesses.

The MBP has recruited approximately twenty of the region's most prominent buying organizations and nearly forty of the highest-performing Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) into this business partnership forum. 

Buying organizations in the Minority Business Partnership are willing to lead by example in diversifying their base of suppliers and have proven that they are able to create long-term sustainable relationships with participating MBEs. The Minority Business Enterprises in the program are committed to meet buyers' business needs as well as being well-positioned for accelerated growth.

By encouraging productive business relationships among these two groups, the Minority Business Partnership helps deliver positive economic outcomes for the entire region. 

Benefits for Qualified Buying Organizations

Purchasing Roundtable: Quarterly meetings for Chief Procurement Officers and Purchasing Managers to network and exchange best practices.

Facilities Committee: Monthly meetings for Facilities Managers to network and exchange best practices related to increasing supplier diversity within the construction and building maintenance industries

One-on-One Consultations: Support for Chief Executives and internal teams to help strengthen the supplier diversity process and identify new opportunities for MBE participation in an organization's supply chain.

Bid Opportunities: Ability to upload open bid notices and work with the MBP to target select suppliers for pre-qualified bid opportunities.

Benefits for Qualified Minority Business Enterprises

Enterprise Leadership and Development: Support through the Dayton Entrepreneurial Development Network as well as statewide and national partners to help companies refine and execute their plans for business growth.

Financing and Mergers & Acquisitions Counseling, information and access for funding and support to help meet the capital needs of a growing business.

Mentor-Protégé and Teaming relationships: Introductions and recommendations to potential partners interested in developing joint ventures and strategic alliances.

One-on-One Consultations: Support for Chief Executives and internal teams to strengthen the company's value proposition, enhance operations and accelerate growth potential.

Bid Opportunities: Access to qualified bid opportunities.