Class Projects

2017 - Literacy and Nutrition Awareness

Leadership Dayton class of 2017 focused on two basic obstacles to achievement that many Dayton families face — literacy and nutrition. Class members worked directly with families in Dayton’s Residence Park, West Wood and other neighborhoods to develop reading skills and healthy eating habits.

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2016 - Dayton Children's Icons

Leadership Dayton class of 2016 will soon leave its mark on the Dayton region with two large "things that fly" icons designed to bring awareness to a major expansion and rebranding effort at Dayton Children’s Hospital.

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2015 - #DaytonLeads

The Leadership Dayton 2015 class took on a social media campaign, #DaytonLeads, to showcase the positive attributes of our region.  By using our individual perspectives to show the different aspects of the community that we value, we were able to witness and be inspired by each other’s views of how Dayton leads and share them with the wider community.

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2014 - MCOFuture Workforce Development

Leadership Dayton Class 2014 has engaged in a project to assist Montgomery County Future (MCOFuture) in workforce development. Class members participated in interviews with key employers of IT employees in the area and presented their findings to MCOFuture.  Through these interviews and additional research, the 2014 Leadership Dayton Class identified that among the many excellent career preparation programs in the Miami Valley, there was one thing lacking – mentors.

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2013 - Summer Slide

The 2013 Leadership Dayton class project addressed the “summer slide.” The summer slide happens when young readers lose some of the skill, knowledge, and reading motivation gained during the school year typically due to lack of access to books during the summer months.

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