Get the most out of your Chamber Membership … Participate!

The best way to learn about your Chamber is to get involved. Whether you serve or lead a committee, participate in events, or serve on your Board of Trustees, active involvement is the best way to learn, gain and serve.

Volunteers are also able to build valuable relationships with co-volunteers and members both in the committee process and by attending Chamber events.  This is beneficial to the volunteers and the Chamber, as we are committed to helping all businesses succeed.

Your Chamber is a very dynamic organization with dozens of committees, sub-committees, task forces or Boards in which to participate. The Chamber could not attempt to do all the work it does on behalf of its members and the business community without the help of its nearly 600 volunteers willing to share their time, passion and interest.

As Chair, I encourage you to look at our list of committees and opportunities to participate that are provided below. We welcome your interest, input and support of your region’s Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for your membership.

Niels Winther
Chairman & Managing Partner, Think Patented
2016 Chair, Board of Trustees – Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

For additional information regarding a committee, e-mail the listed Chamber contact.  Click here to view the committee list and members.

Committee Name:
Chamber Contact(s):
Committee Description:
Ambassador Club
Assists the Chamber with retention of Chamber memberships by maintaining relationships with existing and new member companies. Committee member responsibilities include Goodwill calls, new member reception calls, networking events, and retention calls. The club meets six times a year over lunch.

Breakfast Briefing
This program assists members by providing timely, focused and cost effective information. The briefings are held the 2nd Friday of the month, excluding December, where Regional CEO’s share business successes and strategies. Committee member responsibilities include selection of CEO speakers, event logistics and evaluation of attendee surveys. The committee meets approximately six times a year.

Business & Economic Development Oversight
Exists to review and provide guidance for the economic development, workforce development and research activities of the Chamber. The committee meets quarterly corresponding with the Chamber’s Board of Trustees meetings.

Business After Hours
Provides business-to-business networking opportunities that assist the members’ ability to expand their customer base. Each event provides the opportunity to experience many premier locations in the region while making valuable business contacts, entertaining customers or rewarding employees. Committee member responsibilities include event logistics and theme. The committee meets about six times each year.

Dayton Area Logistics Committee

EPI Board of Trustees
Exercises the powers of the Board of Trustees as defined in the Bylaws. Reviews the activities of the Education & Public Improvement (EPI) Foundation, approves policy decisions and actions, and approves & monitors budget, grants, awards, and designated fund activities. The committee meets approximately once per quarter.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is made up of the officers of the Board of Trustees and at least 3 other Trustees. It shall possess and exercise the powers of the Board of Trustees between meetings of the Board. {CLOSED}

Generation Dayton Steering Committee
The feedback and recommendations received by this committee ensure that the events and activities related to Generation Dayton (GenD) support the mission and strategic objectives of the Chamber. This committee has primary oversight responsibility for the GenD program and all associated activities. This committee meets monthly.

This appointed committee is responsible for recommending a slate of candidates to to the Executive Committee to replace the Trustees whose regular terms are expiring or to serve as additional Trustees.

Leadership Dayton Board of Governors
The feedback and recommendations received by this committee ensure that the events and activities related to Leadership Dayton (LD) support the mission and strategic objectives of the Chamber. This committee has primary oversight responsibility for the LD program and all member (post-program) activities. This committee meets four times a year and each liaison must attend at least one of the meetings in order to remain an active committee member. In the event the liaison is unable to attend a committee meeting, they should arrange for another group member to attend in their place.

Marketing & Communications
Acts as the oversight for planning and implementing an ongoing marketing and communications program that meets Chamber membership retention goals and ensures an effective internal communications program. Committee meets quarterly.

Membership Oversight
Acts as the oversight for development and implementation of the policies and procedures pertaining to the retention and growth of membership in the organization. The Committee meets quarterly prior to the Chamber’s Board of Trustees meetings.

Military & Federal Government Affairs
Members of the Military & Federal Government Affairs Committee are responsible for providing guidance to the Chamber’s public policy staff on a wide range of local, state and federal issues that are important to the future success of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The committee meets every other month in the Executive Conference Room (Room 208) of the Dayton Convention Center.

Regulatory & Legislative Affairs
The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Committee is responsible for recommending positions and strategizing the Chamber’s advocacy efforts on a wide range of business-related public policy issues. The committee supports initiatives that foster a strong economic climate and encourage business growth and development.

Safety Council Board
The Dayton/Miami Valley Safety Council enhances a safe and healthy environment in the workplace through education, networking, Information Systems, and advocacy. The board is responsible for oveseeing the operations of the safety programs offered by the Chamber.

Strategic Planning Committee
The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for the development and review of the Chamber’s strategic plan. The committee meets every three years to develop a strategic plan for the Chamber by outlining key issues and elements in order to develop strategic priorities, action plans and outcomes.

Workforce Advisory Committee
Acts as the oversight for the development of programs and services which provide employers with cost-effective and time-efficient solutions to their workforce needs. The committee meets once per quarter or as needed.